Works of Konstantin Yanov and Natalia Ponomareva are exhibited and sold.

1. Yanov K.P.

"Sunny dream" oil on canvas, framed, 1920s.

firm "Antiks" Broad st. 13. telephone (812) 233-28-95
2. Ponomareva N.P.

"Portrait of a Girl with a Horse" oil on canvas, in a frame, 1920s.

"Still Life" oil on canvas, framed, 1920s.

Blue living room of the Union of Artists, B. Morskaya, 38
3. Paintings by K.P. Yanova and N.P. Ponomareva of the 1920s, oil on canvas, framed.

Painting and graphics K.P. Janova 1920s - 1980s

Painting N.P. Ponomarev's 1920s - 1930s