Konstantin Yanov



Name Konstantin Yanov sounded only in the second decade of the new millennium, despite the fact that the artist lived and displays the surrounding reality almost throughout the twentieth century. Born in 1905 in an intellectual family in childhood Constantine hit close pronounced introvert, the ability to abstract from home, clean children's problems. He left with his head in the world of drawing, painting, imaginative rethinking of all that he saw, felt, experienced. No wonder that on his return from Poland, where his father and the entire family was living in his native St. Petersburg in 1914, in 1918 Konstantin entered the studio Eberling (VHUTEMAS-VHUTEIN) have not yet graduated from high school, exams for the course which passed the external.



Nikolay Yanov

Николай ЯновNikolai YanovNikolay Yanov, the eldest of Anna and Pavel Yanov’s children, was born in May 1903, as were the other Yanov’s children in Poland, where the head of the family Pavel Nikitovich Yanov worked as a trainer engineer at that time. The difference between Nicholas, his younger brother Konstantin (1905) and his sister Vera (1907) was quite small, all the more surprising that in childhood and in mature years, these members of one family differed significantly from each other in temperament, image thoughts, abilities, attitude.



Yanov Konstantin Pavlovich

Pre-war years

      Konstantin Pavlovich Yanov born June 3, (May 21, Old Style), 1905 in the Polish city of Plock. Family Jāņi since the beginning of the 1900s lived in Plock, then in Vlotslavske, then in Warsaw, until the First World War. Father Constantine Pavlovich - Pavel Nikitich Yanov - served as a railway engineer. Mother - Anna Petrovna Yanov (born Hrustina) came from a merchant family Hrustinyh Petersburg.